Brinson Family Photos from Edna Eudora Terrell Brinson – 1


I really appreciate the help of my cousins for helping to identify some of the people that I wasn’t sure who they were! Kudos to you!

Don’t you love how old family photos can give us glimpses into the lives of our forbears? For instance, I didn’t know that my Mamaw went to college. Look at how beautiful she was in her college graduation photo above. And that tiny waist – she had a serious corset, I’m sure!

I’d like to encourage you to load all photos and documents that you’re interested in keeping onto your own flash drive, and print all that you wish. If anything happens to me, this website and everything on it will eventually disappear.

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These Brinson family photos are in no particular order.

Here is the first batch of your Brinson Family Photos:

Edna Eudora Terrell and Ethel Faustina Terrell, sisters, and two of their college friends at East Mississippi Female College, May 17, 1900.

Edna is top right, Ethel is bottom left. I don’t know the surnames of their friends Vinie Belle and Pearl.

Edna Terrell and Ethel Terrell graduating from East Mississippi Female College in 1901.

East Mississippi Female College was located in Meridian, Mississippi, and was considered to be one of the best women’s colleges in the South. Additional information about this college is included at the bottom of this page.

Edna Eudora Terrell and Ethel Terrell college graduation photo May 1900

Edna Eudora Terrell, 1901. This was her wedding photo.

Photo mounting paper has embossed seal that reads:

Elite Studio
Clark, Prop.
Meridian, Miss.

Edna Eudora Terrell 1901 Wedding pictureEdna Eudora Terrell 1901 Wedding picture (back)

Henry Hector Brinson, 1901. This was his wedding photo.

Although this is an original of this photo, I am certain that there is a better original version of it in my mother’s information. When I locate it, I’ll replace this one with the clearer version.

Earl Needham Brinson, son of Henry Hector Brinson and Edna Terrell Brinson, age 6 months, November 5, 1909.

In this photo, Earl’s eyes look just like his grandfather Dr. Jasper DeKalb Terrell’s eyes!

Earl Needham Brinson age 6 months November 1909Earl Needham Brinson age 6 months November 1906 (back)

Earl Needham Brinson.

This is possibly his high school senior photo, and if so would have been taken in the late 1920s. My mother said that she had never seen eyes such a clear, icy blue as Earl’s.

Earl Needham Brinson

Henry Hector (H.H.) Brinson holding his youngest son, Ralph Cranford Brinson, 1923.

Orville Brinson holding his baby brother, Ralph Cranford Brinson, 1923.

Ralph Cranford Brinson, age 5 (1927), from a tintype photo. First image is a photo of the original tintype. Second photo is professionally copied from the tintype.

The chair in the photo was one like the Brinsons had several of in their home. Ralph is standing in grass, so I suspect that this photo was taken by a traveling photographer, who placed a backdrop in the Brinson yard.

Terrapin Scratch, the one-room schoolhouse where the H.H. and Edna Brinson children attended school. Youngest child Ralph Brinson attended only the first grade there, before he transferred to the new public school in Prentiss.

This is a contact sheet of photos of the remains of the school, probably taken in the early 1980s, so the building had been abandoned for about 50 years. Photographic negatives are with the contact sheet, so it is possible to make larger photos. I won’t have larger photos made unless somebody requests it.

The school was located on what is now Old US Highway 84, not very far from the Brinson home.

Dorothy Faye “Dot” Brinson, 1934. This is probably a school photo. Daughter of Alton Clarence Brinson and Velma Broome Brinson; granddaughter of Henry Hector Brinson and Edna Terrell Brinson.

Dorothy Faye Brinson, 1934

Nan Erle Brinson, daughter of Henry Orville Brinson and Bess Sinclair Brinson, and Melvin Brinson Foster, son of Louise Brinson Foster and Melvin Foster, March 26, 1945.

Photo taken in front of the Brinson home at Prentiss, Mississippi.

Orville and Bess Brinson with daughters Hilda (older) and Nan Erle (younger). Early 1940s.

Photo taken in front of the Brinson home at Prentiss, Mississippi.

Jasper Terrell Brinson (Navy, left) and Ralph Cranford Brinson (Army Air Service, right), brothers, World War 2.

Photo appears to have been taken in front of the Brinson home outside of Prentiss, Mississippi, as this is the “across-the-road” view that I remember from that house. Maypops and Blackberries grew on the short bank on the other side of the road.

When I was growing up, this gravel road was “old” Highway 84, and the paved road a block away was “new” Highway 84. Now there is another new Highway 84, and the older paved road is now “old” Highway 84.

Uncle Terrell was a career Navy man.

Vernon LaGrange Terrell (brother of Edna Terrell Brinson) and wife Berta (Winnie Alberta Smith) Terrell.

Photo taken in front of the Brinson home at Prentiss, Mississippi.

This postcard photo led to a lengthy discussion between me and my brothers. It is of Ralph Brinson and a mystery bride, WW2!

After a great deal of speculation and searching of marriage records in various places where Ralph was stationed in WW2, we decided that this was probably done as a joke (for Ralph was definitely a practical jokester!). Our minds imagine a big sign up near a military base: “Have your photo taken with a beautiful bride”.

Ralph Brinson and Catherine Shumaker engagement announcement in the Prentiss Headlight newspaper, 1951.

I plan to have an article later about the wedding of Ralph and Catherine. When I do, I’ll link to it right here. This link isn’t functional yet >>>

Ralph Brinson and Catherine Shumaker engagement announcement in Prentiss (MS) Headlight newspaper

Edna Gail Brinson, daughter of Ralph and Catherine Brinson, Christmas 1953.

I don’t know where this was taken, possibly Mamaw’s house. The lamp on the table looks familiar. If anyone can identify this place, please let me know.

Update: According to my brother Alan, who “toured” Hattiesburg with my mother when he moved there about 20 years ago, this photo was probably taken in the apartment where Ralph and Catherine lived, in a Victorian house at 401 Bay Street in Hattiesburg.

Catherine Shumaker Brinson with daughter Gail, January 3, 1954, in front of their home on Baker Street in Jackson, Mississippi. Photo taken by Ralph Brinson.

I believe the address on Baker Street was 302.

Catherine Shumaker Brinson with daughter Gail, early 1954, in front of their home on Baker Street in Jackson, Mississippi. Photo taken by Ralph Brinson.

Gail Brinson, age two, in front of their home on Belvedere Drive in Jackson, Mississippi.

Edna Terrell Brinson, in her 70s. Photo taken about 1960.

Edna Terrell Brinson funeral notice in the Prentiss (Mississippi) Headlight newspaper, July 1961.

East Mississippi Female College

East Mississippi Female College was located in Meridian, Mississippi. Founded by John Wesley Beeson in 1869, it was considered to be one of the best women’s colleges in the South.

I found online a report that was made by the Commissioner of Education to the Secretary of the Interior for the school year 1899-1900. If you want to read the whole report, see below for the link.

But I was mostly interested in the statistics that I found on page 1948. On line 54, we see that East Mississippi Female College was 1) Supported by the Methodist Church, 2) Had two male professors and 21 female professors, 3) 40 elementary school students, 4) 40 college preparatory students, 5) 280 college students, 6) Had one graduate student 7) Had 361 total students, 12 of whom graduated in 1900.

Two of those twelve graduates in 1900 were our family!

The college burned down in 1903, and Mr. Beeson started a new college to take its place, Meridian Women’s College.

The book, “John Wesley Beeson and the Beeson Colleges” is the story of Dr. John Wesley Beeson’s journey from his childhood in Big Will’s Valley, Alabama to becoming president of three different colleges to establishing a fourth college, Meridian College in Mississippi, which he kept in operation of a quarter of a century despite founding it with no endowment or any outside financing.

This book by James T. Dawson will interest anyone who wants more, specific information on East Mississippi Female College. The book is said to weave together a narrative with numerous photographs, architectural sketches of campus buildings, and selections from various yearbooks. I wonder if Edna or Ethel are featured anywhere in Dawson’s selection from a yearbook?

Dawson also describes some of the approaches used by J.W. Beeson in the management of the college. Beeson’s family continues in his support of higher education in their support of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University and the Beeson International Center at Asbury Theological Seminary. The book is available online. See below for links.

I discovered on the Historical Marker Database that there is a marker in Meridian marking the corner where the college was. It was erected in 1995 by Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Here is more information about the marker:

The location of the marker is 32° 22.076′ N, 88° 42.095′ W. It’s at the intersection of 23rd Avenue and 11th Street, on the right when traveling south on 23rd Avenue. The inscription reads:


The East Mississippi Female College was established here in 1869 by the Central Methodist Church and became recognized as one of the finest female colleges in the South under the leadership of John Wesley Beeson, President (1869-1903). The college was destroyed by fire on the morning of February 24, 1903.

Historical marker for East Mississippi Female College

EMFC Sources:

Book by Dawson:

Education Report:

Page 1948 of Education Report:, 

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  1. Thank you for compiling and sharing these documents and photographs. I enjoy reminiscing and seeing photos of faces not seen for years. I remember spending many lovely Sunday afternoons at Mamaw Brinson’s home and playing with cousins/ friends. This is a great.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! I’m so glad that you are enjoying these. It’s a joy for me to go through these boxes and find treasures such as these photos.

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