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Our Terrell line goes back a really long way! Because the Terrells were nobility in England, and before that in France, there were wonderful records kept of their births, christenings, marriages, titles of nobility, and deaths. Frequently, we also know what they did for a living and where the house was that they lived in.

This great record-keeping makes it possible to go much farther back in our Terrell direct line than in our other lines.

If you’re a certain kind of history buff, you might recognize the name on generational line 28, Walter Tirel. Yes, we are directly descended from the man who (accidentally) killed King William II of England!

In progress is my series of researched articles about our Terrell line. In the future, one of those articles will be about Walter Tirel and this event.

Here is the first of the researched Terrell articles, “Terrell Family in America”:

In the first article, you’ll find a lot of information about each ancestor listed under the heading “Our Terrell ancestors in America” below. You can follow links in the article to find even more information.

This list will start with Ralph and Catherine Brinson. If you don’t know how you’re related to them, contact me and I’ll help you figure it out.

At each level, I’ll include both the man who has the surname we’re following, and his wife (if known). That way, you’ll be able to follow the wives’ direct lines, which I hope to list later. I’ll also include links to articles in this blog about any of the people who have been mentioned so far. As I go along, I’ll try to keep the links current, along with any new names that are discovered later – either in my mother’s information, or online on genealogy sites. And in the distant future, when I get an actual genealogy book published, these lists will be included. I’ll put the link to the book(s) here when that happens.

Here are our Direct Line Ancestors – Terrell

Our Terrell ancestors in America:

1. Ralph Cranford Brinson m. (August 12, 1951) Catherine Shumaker

2. Edna Eudora Terrell m. (March 28, 1901) Henry Hector Brinson

3. Jasper DeKalb Terrell, M.D. m. (August 3, 1865) Sarah J. Durr

4. John Philemon Terrell m. (November 29, 1821) Mary Alexander “Polly” Gilliland

5. Philemon LaFayette Terrell, Sr. m. (1772) Elizabeth Andress

6. James Nimrod Terrell m. (May 1722) Mary Margaret Watkins

7. Captain William Terrell, Sr. m. (1685) Susannah Waters

8. Richmond Terrell, Sr. m. (1650) Mary Elizabeth Waters

Our Terrell ancestors in England:

Our line continues on French and British genealogy sites, and has been carefully researched and confirmed by English historian Joseph Henry Tyrrell (born 1869) of London and by members of the Terrell Society of America, Inc.

Well known English historian J.H. Tyrrell wrote a number of books, which are considered to be the most accurate and well-researched Terrell information available in the world. Here is a link to a list of his writings:

Here is a link to one of his books, that you can read for free:

I’ll make it a point to write another Terrell article or two soon, with all the information available from J.H. Terrell and other research on the following ancestors. The remainder of the names on this list, both in England and France, are from his publications.

9. Robert Richmond Terrell m. (June 29, 1617) Jane Baldwin

10. Sir William Terrell, Lord of Bruyn and Reading m. (1587) Margaret Elizabeth Richmond

11. Sir George Tyrrell of Thornton, South Ockendon and Bruyn, Lord of the Manors of Bruyn and Fobbing, Essex. m. (1550) Lady Eleanor Montague

12. Sir Humphrey Tyrrell, Lord of Great Thornton Hall Manor m. (August 29, 1518) Lady Jane Ingleton of Thornton Hall

13. Lord William Tyrrell, Lord of South Ockendon m. (1495) Elizabeth Bodley

14. Sir Thomas Tyrrell of Ockendon m. (February 26, 1461) Elizabeth le Bruyn (or LeBrun)

15. Sir Thomas Tyrrell II of Heron, Sheriff of Essex and Herts m. (1431) Anne Marney

16. Sir John Tyrell I of Heron m. (1401) Alice de Coggeshall

17. Sir Thomas Tyrrell I of Heron, Sheriff of Essex and Hereford m. () Elizabeth Flambert

18. Sir Walter Tyrell III, of Heron, Baron of Tyrell, Sheriff of Essex and Hereford m. (1374) Eleanor Haute Flambard

19. Sir Walter de Tyrell II of Heron m. (1350) Lady Anna Jane de Swynford

20. Sir James de Tyrell m. () Margaret de Héron

21. Sir Hugh de Tyrell of Great Thornden, Essex m. (1328) Jane de Flambert (He already had children – including James de Tyrell – by a prior wife, deceased)

22. Sir Edmond Edward Tyrell m. () Jane Bogarte

23. Sir Galfrid de Tyrell of Avon m. (1219) Catherine de la Haye

24. Sir Edward Tyrell of Avon m. (1195) Lady Tyrell (maiden name unknown)

25. Sir Roger Tyrrell, Lord of Avon, Hants or Hampshire (Son by the second marriage of Sir Hugh II to Marie de Senarpont) m. (1170) Isabel de Vignacourt

26. Sir Hugh (II) Tyrrell, sixth Lord of Poix, First Baron of Castleknock (Hugues II Tyrell Seigneur d’Agnieres on French genealogy sites) m. (1140) Marie de Senarpont

27. Sir Hugh de Tirel I, Vicomte d’Equennes 4th Prince of Poix, Baron of France and England, m. () Ada d’Aumale

28. Sir Walter III Tirel, Third Lord of Poix, Second Lord of Laingaham,
Kingsworthy, and Avon. A baron of France and England, Castellon
of Pontoise (Accidentally killed King William II) m. () Adelaide Giffard

Our direct line ancestor, Sir Walter Tirel III, flees from the site of King William Rufus’ death after accidentally shooting his friend, the King, with an arrow in a hunting accident. Pictures of English History Plate XVI – Death of William the Second. Painting by Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810–1896)

29. Sir Walter II de Tirel (Gauthier Tyrel de Poix II on French genealogy sites) m. (1060) Ann de Clare

30. Sir Walter I de Tirel (youngest son), second Lord of Poix, Castellan, of Pontoise, and Vicount of Amiens, a Baron of France and England, Lord Laingaham, Essex, and Kingsworthy and Avon in Hants (Gauthier Tyrel de Poix I on French genealogy sites) m. () Olga, a Saxon lady

Our Terrell ancestors in France:

There’s another name on generational line 42 that you might recognize if you’re a history buff. Pepin le Gros, the man who came close to uniting all the various warring Franks during the Middle Ages, was our direct ancestor!

31. Fulke de Tirel, Seigneur of Guernanville, Dean of Evreux m. () the
“Noble Lady”, Orielda

32. Ralf, Sire de Tirel and Poix Seigneur of Guernanville Chatelain of
Pontoise, Viscount of Amiens m. () daughter of de Guernanville

33. Walter I, Count of the Vexin, and Amiens m. () Eve, daughter and heiress of Landry, Count of Dreux

34. Waleran, Chevalier, Count of the Vexin, Pontoise, Chaumont, Mantes, and Menian, Hereditary Standard Bearer of France m. () Eldegarde, daughter of Armulf Magnus

35. Terric (too young at his father’s death to inherit titles)

36. Nivelon, Count of Autun, Anxerre and the Vexin

37. Eccard, Count of Autun and the Vexin

38. Childebrand II, Count of Autun and the Vexin

39. Theodoret, Count of Autum, Macon and Vexin

40. Nivelon I, Count of Auton, Macon, and the Vexin

41. Childebrand I, Duke of Burgandy, son of his father’s second marriage to Alpais

42. Pepin “le Gros” Herstal, Duke of Brabrant m. (1st about 670) Plectrude (2nd before 690) Alpais

Read more about him here:

Our direct line ancestor, Pepin le Gros or Pepin d Heristal (died/assassinated 714), Duke of Austrasia. He assumed royal power c. 680. Late 19th centry chromolithograph.

43. Ansegius, Duke of Brabrant Jure Uxoris m. Begga

44. Bishop Arnold, Major Domo to Clothaire II m. Dodo of Saxony

45. Arnold, Marquis of Schelde, m. Oda Swabia

46. Asopert m. Blithilda, daughter of Clothaire, King of France

47. Ferreolus, Duke of Mosselle m. a daughter of Clovis

48. Sigmerius, m. a daughter of Ferreolus Tonantius

49. Clodius, King of West Franks m. Basina, daughter of Weldephus, King of Thuringians

50. Pharamond, Duke of East Franks m. Argotta, daughter of Guinbald, Duke of West Franks

51. Marcomir, Duke of East Franks

52. Clodius, A. D. 389

53. Dagobert, A.D. 379

54. Guinbald, A.D. 357

55. Dogobert, A.D. 317

56. Walter, A.D. 306

57. Clodius III, A.D. 298

58. Bartherus, A.D. 272

59. Hilderic, A.D. 253

60. Sunno, A.D. 213

61. Farabert, A.D. 186

62. Clodimir IV, married Hafilda, daughter of the King of the Rugii

63. Marcomir IV, A.D. 149, married Athildis, daughter of Colius, King of Britains

64. Odemh

65. Richemor, A.D. 114

66. Ratherins, A.D. 90

67. Antenor IV, A.D. 69

68. Clodimir III, A.D. 63

69. Marcomir III, A.D. 50

70. Clodius II, A.D. 20

71. Francus, King of the West Franks, B.C. 9

72. Antharius

73. Cassander, B.C. 74

74. Merodacus, B.C. 95

75. Clodimir II, B.C. 123

76. Antenor III, B.C. 143

77. Clodius, I. B.C. 159

78. Marcomir II, B.C. 170

79. Nicanor, B.C. 198, married a daughter of Elindure, King of Bretons

80. Caledomir, B.C. 232

81. Bassamus, B.C. 250, married a daughter of King Orrodes

82. Diocles, B.C. 294

83. Helenus, B.C. 339

84. Priamus, B.C. 358

85. Antenor, married Cambra, B.C. 384

86. Marcomir, B.C. 412

87. Anterior, King of Cimmerians, a people inhabiting the shores of the Sea of Asao, now known as the Crimea. Lived before Christ, year 443

This is our entire list of Direct Line Ancestors – Terrell – as will ever be known.

Okay, I take that back. Just googled “Anterior, King of Cimmerians”, and there’s some information about him, including his parentage. I’ll have to look at that information later to see if it looks real – now it’s after midnight!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 🙂


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  1. Well done! My side of the family is Terrill’s from the Virginia to Missouri pipeline. Anterior’s line can be traced all the way back to the Bible!

    1. Thank you Gracey – I appreciate your compliments!
      However, I didn’t do the research, I simply copied the information from Joseph Henry Tyrell’s painstaking research.

    2. 25 Roger (4th son) 26 Hugh II 27 Hugh I 28 Walter III 29 Walter Sans Avoir 30 Drogo of Mantes m. Goda Godgifu(Godiva sister of Edward Confessor) 31 Walter II “le Blanc” 30 Walter I 31 Waleran de Vexin (Adalram III twin of Terric and younger brother of Raoul I(Ralf)) 32 Adalram II 33 Adalram I (Bishop and brother of Richard the Justicar, Bernard of Septamania, and Thierry IV) 34 Nivelon IV 35 Nivelon III 36 Childebran III 37 Nivelon II 38 Nivelon I 3rd Count Autun (the Historian continued Chronicles of Fredegar) 39 Childebran I 40 Fulcoald (653-670) 41 Childebert (602-673) 42 Theodoric II de Austrasia 43 Clothar II? 44 Sigibert I m Brunhilde

      I may have missed some but Joseph Henry did great work, he did not have the access to information we have today. This include the Chronicles of Fredegar and its translations. Ferrolus to Pepin are Gallo-Romans and not related to the Franks or Tyrrells in the male line. Childebran describes his brother Charles as germanus, same women but different men.

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