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Peggy White Shumaker’s 50th birthday was imminent, and Catherine just had to make it extra special for her. So of course, an original poem had to be included with the gift for the special occasion.

It was one of the poems that Catherine included in her self-made book:

Original Writings by Catherine Shumaker Brinson front cover

In the book are many poems that she wrote, mostly during the 1990s, inspired by life events or whatever she happened to be doing at the moment. They’re divided into categories; Whimsy, Canticles of Praise, Family, Nature, and Unfinished Symphony.

Do you know Peggy? If not, you need to get to know her! She is the wife of Catherine’s younger brother, George Carroll Shumaker, and she’s easy to find on Facebook. Here is a portion of George’s family tree so that you can see how you are related:

Joseph Thomas Sherman Shumaker (born 1867 / died October 31, 1954) married (date) Florence Amanda Shuler (born October 21, 1874 / died April 11, 1949)

Joseph and Amanda’s children:

  • Joseph David Jesse Shumaker (born August 8, 1895 / died February 20, 1970)
  • Azel Bathsheba Shumaker (born September 12, 1896 / died March 1, 1974)
  • William Charles Shumaker (born August 21, 1904 / died January 26, 1986)
  • Lee Donaldson Shumaker (born August 21, 1906 / died December 20, 1991)

Also, George Washington May (born / died) married (date) Ada May Parmenter (born / died)

George and Ada’s children:

  • Catherine Edna May (born January 6, 1900 / died November 12, 1988)
  • Charles Bayard May
  • Walter Parmenter May
  • Florence Alva May
  • Frances Alice May
  • George Lincoln May
  • Bert David May
  • Mary Louise May

David Jesse Shumaker (dropped his first name “Joseph” when he became an adult) married (May 13, 1918) Catherine Edna May

David and Catherine’s children:

  • Robert David Shumaker (born February 16, 1922 / died date)
  • Harry Edward Shumaker (born April , 1923 / died date)
  • Catherine Shumaker (later Brinson) (born May 11, 1927 / died December 13, 2018)
  • George Carroll Shumaker (born July 10, 1943)

George Carroll Shumaker married Peggy Ruth White (born October 16, 1942) and have children and grandchildren that I won’t list here, because I don’t want to put too much information about living people online.

I’ll eventually get all the birth / marriage / death dates assembled, but as yet, I don’t have them all accessible.

As you know, I’m committed to publishing the materials that my mother, Catherine Shumaker Brinson wrote, researched, and gathered that relate to our genealogy.

Update! April 24, 2021: Her entire book, Original Writings by Catherine Shumaker Brinson, is now available on Amazon. You can read it on Kindle, or have your very own print copy for your and your family’s enjoyment and for posterity. Here are the links:

Paperback Kindle

I’ll also be publishing all her other genealogy research so that you can have it for your own family records.

So if you’re not already signed up for my Genealogy list, be sure and do that now! Here’s the link: https://www.subscribepage.com/g0c4a7

Here is “For Peggy, A Gift”, a poem in her book, from the Family category.

For Peggy, A Gift

Some folks buy gifts in a store around the corner,
Or maybe in a larger store, away a little farther.
Or perhaps they like to shop in a great big shopping mall ~
Or maybe they don’t like shopping any where at all!

But leave it to the Brinsons to change all that, you see ~
To get this gift for Peggy they went to Tennessee!!

Catherine Shumaker Brinson
Written for Peggy White Shumaker’s
50th birthday, Oct. 16, 1993

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