Ivey Family Genealogy 2


Margaret Virginia Ormsby Ivey was a genealogy buff. I’ll occasionally be posting her information, which is held by her daughter Virginia, in this Ivey Family section. In addition, Joseph Gautier Ivey was a genealogy buff. After his passing, when we cleaned out his apartment, we found quite a bit of information. His collected photos and documents will also be posted here.

I’d like to encourage you to load all photos and documents that you’re interested in keeping to your own flash drive. If anything happens to me, this website and everything on it will eventually disappear.

Click on any thumbnail to open the large image file.

If the file name ends with “crop”, such as this: Janet-001-crop1.jpg, that means that I decided that the photo would look better with less expansive background, and cropped out the distractions. I always include the original image when I crop one. If you want any specific high resolution image for your files, let me know and I’ll email it to you.

Ivey Genealogy Information and Photos Scanned and Uploaded October 21, 2021

1. Alex:

Henry Alexander Ivey Henry Alexander Ivey

2. Alex and Janet:

Henry Alexander Ivey and wife Janet Ruth Sosna

3. Alex, Janet, and Daryl:

Janet, Alex, and Daryl

4. Daryl:

Daryl Keith Howard IveyDaryl Keith Howard Ivey

5. Debbie Tatum:

Debbie Tatum and son

6. Ivey Family Group:

Ivey family gatheringIvey family gathering

7. Janet:

Janet Ruth SosnaJanet Ruth Sosna

8. Joseph:

Joseph Gautier Ivey at drafting table drawing maps.Joseph Gautier Ivey with maps he drew.Joseph Gautier IveyJoseph Gautier Ivey

9. Joseph and Margaret:

Joseph Gautier Ivey and Margaret Virginia Ormsby Ivey

10. Margaret:

Margaret Virginia Ormsby IveyMargaret Virginia Ormsby IveyMargaret Virginia Ormsby Ivey

11. Margaret’s Garden:

Margaret's GardenMargaret's GardenMargaret's Garden

12. Siblings:

Joseph, Alex, Virginia, and Janet

13. Virginia:

Virginia Virginia

14. Virginia and Daryl’s wedding:

Virginia and Daryl's weddingVirginia and Daryl's weddingVirginia and Daryl's weddingVirginia and Daryl's wedding

15. Virginia and Margaret:

Margaret and VirginiaMargaret and VirginiaMargaret and Virginia

16. William and Margaret:

William and Margaret and friendWilliam and Margaret and friendWilliam Dixon Ivey with wife Margaret and friendsWilliam Dixon Ivey with wife Margaret and friends

17. William, Margaret, and Harold:

William and Margaret and Harold Lawrence Ivey

That’s all for today. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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  1. They look great !
    I like the format you are using and it’s nice to finally see these get organized.
    I will find more for you , but maybe I won’t wear you out too much.
    Thanks so much for your help.

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