“O’POSSUM, PO’ POSSUM” | Original Writings by Catherine Shumaker Brinson


This poem is about a very common sight along the country roads and back highways throughout the South.

I think I’ll call it “Ode to a Dead Possum”.

“O’POSSUM, PO’ POSSUM” is one of the poems that Catherine included in her self-made book:

Original Writings by Catherine Shumaker Brinson front cover

In the book are many poems that she wrote, mostly during the 1990s, inspired by life events or whatever she happened to be doing at the moment. They’re divided into categories; Whimsy, Canticles of Praise, Family, Nature, and Unfinished Symphony.

As you know, I’m committed to publishing the materials that my mother, Catherine Shumaker Brinson wrote, researched, and gathered that relate to our genealogy.

Her entire book, Original Writings by Catherine Shumaker Brinson, is now available on Amazon! You can read it on Kindle, or have your very own print copy for your and your family’s enjoyment and for posterity. Here are the links:

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I’ll also be publishing all her other genealogy research so that you can have it for your own family records.

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Here is “O’POSSUM, PO’ POSSUM”, a poem in Catherine’s book, from the Nature category.


O’possum, po’ possum,
You just tried to walk some
O’possum, po’ possum,
You should have tried to run some.
O’possum, po’ possum,
You are known for playing dead.
O’possum, po’ possum,
You ain’t playin’, you are dead.
A car came driving down the road
And in its headlight you just’ stoad
Tryin’ to move neither left nor right
Yo’ stared back. Now yo’ is a sight.
Yo’ hair is ripplin’ as cars go by —
It was cars wha’ caused yo’ to die.
Yo’ bones are broken this way and that.
Tha sun’s goin’ render out yo’ fat.
The buzzards’ll fly down and have an appetizer
But yo’ and yo’ kind won’t be no wiser.
‘Cause possums’ll always stop in middle of road
And be flattened out flatter ‘an a toad.
O’possum, po’ possum.

Catherine Shumaker Brinson

“O'POSSUM, PO' POSSUM” | Original Writings by Catherine Shumaker Brinson


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