William Dixon Ivey Scrapbook page 10 – Graduation Day at Alabama Polytechnic Institute!


The ceremony was held in what appears to be the stadium, which clearly isn’t located where the Auburn University stadium is now located. So I did some research and discovered that this stadium was named “Drake Field”.

Drake field was the home field of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute Tigers From 1911 to 1939. It was also home to the baseball team from 1911 through 1949, and the Auburn High School Tigers football team from 1911 through 1920 and 1935 through 1939. It had a capacity of 7,550 in 1939.

Drake Field was named for John Hodges Drake III, who served as the college physician from 1873 until 1926 and who donated the land for the field. The inaugural game at Drake Field was on October 7, 1911 when our home team won over Mercer, 19-0. Two months later on the field, Auburn High School played the program’s first football game, against Sidney Lanier High School, on November 25, 1911.

I find it very interesting that the sign on the podium says “AUBURN”, when the college wouldn’t be named “Auburn University” for another twenty years.

The building in the background is Petrie Hall, which at the time of this photo, was the athletic field house. It was named after George Petrie, who started Auburn football in 1892 and went on to write the “Auburn Creed.” It is now used as lab and classroom space for geology.

Here is a later photo of the enlarged stadium and Petrie Hall. In this one, you can see clearly where Drake Field was in relationship to the rest of campus. This photo is from https://auburntigers.com/news/2019/9/12/football-petrie-hall-debuts-pop-up-auburn-team-shop-for-homecoming-weekend

auburn universitiy stadium and petrie hall

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Ivey Genealogy Information and Photos Scanned and Uploaded September 10, 2022 – Graduation Day at Alabama Polytechnic Institute!

The photos on page 10 are numbered from 1001-1028, and were taken on a graduation day in Auburn for Alabama Polytechnic Institute and afterwards.

1001 through 1014. William’s friends at Auburn on Graduation Day.

1015 and 1016. Graduation Ceremony at Drake Field

1017 through 1022. Back in Anniston for the Summer? and Cheaha State Park.

1023. Is this William’s youngest brother, Andrew? If you know, please let me know. If so, he grew a lot in the past couple of years.

1024 through 1028.

1025. William Dixon Ivey – selfie!

1027. William Dixon Ivey

1028. Orie Harvell Ivey

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