WWI Letter March 22, 1919 | LETTERS FROM A DOUGHBOY, David Jesse Shumaker

David doesn’t have much to say in his WWI letter of March 22, 1919.

He likes his job in the Police Corps, the Army needs him for a few more months, and he’s still in the French city of Autun.

Autun is not far from Dijon, in central-eastern France, not far from the Swiss border. I found this video tour of Autun France, including its cathedral, Roman gates, and ampitheater on YouTube – it’s a beautiful Medieval town!

These twenty-eight letters home to his family during World War I will be compiled as my mother compiled them, and published into the same book that she made single copies of, titled Letters from a Doughboy. I’ll let you know here in the blog when the book is available.

Here is David Jesse Shumaker’s WWI letter of March 22, 1919:

3/22 1919

Dear Folks at home:

This leaves me feeling fine. Hope you are well.

Have a fine job now—

Us boys have just run out of home going dope. So don’t ask for any. I am nicely situated now and Uncle Sam needs me a few months longer so guess it will be summer before I get back to the States. Am out of the Infantry. All the Inf. hardships are over for me, and I sure am glad of it. Well write soon. I have nothing to write. Am in the city of Autun. It is not very warm here yet.

Well must close by.

Love & Best wishes to all. Your loving Son & Bro.

Pvt David J Shumaker
M.P.C. 6th Co.
Am Ex Force.

Here are photos of the scanned originals. If you would like high-resolution copies, just contact me and I’ll email them to you.

WWI LETTER MARCH 22 1919 David Jesse Shumaker WWI LETTER MARCH 22 1919 David Jesse Shumaker WWI LETTER MARCH 22 1919 David Jesse Shumaker

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