WWI Letter March 3, 1919 | LETTERS FROM A DOUGHBOY, David Jesse Shumaker

Did you know that David Jesse Shumaker wrote poetry? Read the poem that he wrote to his family in this WWI Letter of March 3, 1919!

The Joseph Shumaker Family early 1900s.
David Jesse Shumaker (far right) wrote this poem to his family – Father (sitting), Joseph “Joe” Thomas Sherman Shumaker; Mother (standing in back), Florence Amanda Shuler Shumaker; Sister (in front of Mother), Azel Elizabeth Bathsheba Shumaker; William (standing in front of Azel); and Lee (sitting in Father’s lap).

In the photo of the four Doughboys at the top of the page, David Jesse Shumaker is second from right.

These twenty-eight letters home to his family during World War I will be compiled as my mother compiled them, and published into the same book that she made single copies of, titled Letters from a Doughboy. I’ll let you know here in the blog when the book is available.

Here is David Jesse Shumaker’s WWI letter of March 3, 1919:

March 3/3/19

Dear Folks at home,

Well one more day is done and the boys are just that much nearer-dearer home.

I don’t know whether you can read this or not for this pencil is so hard that [damaged paper] at all. [damaged paper] Hope you care to.

Just a few lines to tell you Mother dear,
That I’ve been a soldier twice over here.
And I’ll be marching home, in a month or two.
I don’t like so much to rome, I’ll come to you.
Just a note to Father too
To let you know I think of you
You know what I told to Mother true
The same I’ll tell to you.
And to sister I’ll simply say
I am well and all O.K.
And to William the same
Be true to your name
Be a good honest boy
You’re Mother’s joy.
And Lee, I don’t know
What to say. I’ll tell you
[Illegible] month of May
If what I hear is so.
We’ll be home by summer I know.
But suppose it’s not, just suppose, that’s all
I don’t get home before next fall.
There’s no need to worry not a bit
For I [illegible] hurry now to quit.
Write soon. Maybe I’ll do better next time.

Pvt David J. Shumaker
Co. E 306th Infantry
American Ex. Force

Here are photos of the scanned originals. If you would like high-resolution copies, just contact me and I’ll email them to you.

WWI letter March 3 1919 David Jesse Shumaker WWI letter March 3 1919 David Jesse Shumaker

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